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Our complete package features end-to-end integrated solutions.



  • ePOS System

  • Mobile Payment Solution

  • Business Intelligence

  • Global Marketing Platform

  • End-to-End Solutions for Hospitality

  • ePOS System

Our ePOS platform uses state of the art technology to transform any environment where ePOS is central to business performance. We understand that your ePOS solution is the window into your customer’s world.

Key Benefits include: 

  • Flexibility: Ability to easily make price and product changes,  wireless or wired network connectivity options
  • Control: Transparency of Sales Revenue in Real-Time delivered directly to your smartphone at pre-set intervals
  • Reliability: Hospitality hardened POS hardware and off-line capability ensures no loss of service or revenue
  • Performance: Quicker customer transactions & increased revenue per head per minute
  • ROI: Rapid return through new sales opportunities, reduced costs and control over cash shrinkage
  • Mobile Payment Platform

Our cross platform application offers value added solutions to streamline business processes and improve customer experience, communication and loyalty.

Our solution is an innovative mobile business platform that streamlines payments and facilitates management of loyalty programs, special offers, coupons, and much more. With secure payment capabilities across all sales channels, we offer a comprehensive layer of value-added services and industry vertical specific features. Operators can now solve real business problems, create new sales channels, and measure return on advertising spend. The application can be used in store, online, in-app and from any marketing material (TV, print and social media) the client chooses to use.

Key Benefits Include

  • Pre-ordering & pre-payment solution
  • Integrated Loyalty Programme
  • One click payment platform


  • Capability to have a flexible ePOS solution
  • Mobile transaction points anywhere in venue
  • Mobile Ticketing / Access Control
  • Business Intelligence

With our real time revenue management platform for the sports, leisure and hospitality industry, we have a solution that brings you real time business intelligence. This allows management teams to make critical business decisions equipped with the latest information possible.

Key Features

  • Real-Time View & Analysis of all Transaction Points
  • Real-Time Financial Audit
  • Real-Time View of Today’s Revenue vs Historical Trends
  • Mobile View of Revenue & Stock Management by Unit & Till
  • Automated Revenue Management Processes & Actions
  • Drives Revenue Growth
  • Staff Optimisation
  • Set criteria for alerts to mobile devices
  • Global Marketing Platform

With our global marketing platform we are changing the way customers, businesses and sponsors interact through social media.

Creating, executing and analysing marketing plans in real time and in context to customers wherever they are in the world. One-click payment and redemption on any marketing activity closes the offer redemption loop and facilitates the tracking of how campaigns are working. The operator can follow and interact with customers inside the venue and beyond through any social media channels.

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