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  • Collaborative Purchasing

  • Category Reviews

  • Outsourcing

  • Benchmarking

  • Collaborative Purchasing

We offer a unique collaborative purchasing model which includes operators, wholesalers and manufacturers allowing each to take advantage of leveraged volumes, irrespective of their position in the supply chain.

By combining the power of these ordinarily separate groups it creates real scale, going further than other collaboration efforts, which are generally sector specific.

What industries are applicable?

Hotel Groups, Pub and Restaurant Groups, MSA Operators, Contract Caterers, Food Wholesalers and Food Manufacturers.

What categories are applicable? 

  • Core Commodities
  • Packaging
  • Uniforms
  • Disposable Products
  • Utilities
  • Fuel
  • Category Reviews

Undertaking a category review can be time consuming and challenging, even if knowledge and expertise exists in your business. ZOOSCH have a team who can do this on your behalf as a specific project, covering an extensive range of categories. We will provide you with documentation scoping the strategy, approach and planned implementation for the project ensuring certain delivery of results.

Example Categories include:

  • Food
  • Drink
  • Disposables
  • Packaging
  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Utilities
  • Outsourcing

For those businesses that want support with some or all of their purchasing activity ,we can provide a partial or full Outsource service, ensuring you have full visibility and control through our project management tools and methodologies.

We manage outsource activity via:

  • Project Management Software
  • Reporting on Activity and Progress
  • Planned & Regular Review Meetings
  • Market Reports
  • Engagement with the Nominated Stakeholders in your Business
  • Benchmarking

As a business operating in the hospitality sector, whether you are a supplier or an end user, it is often difficult to measure your purchasing effectiveness.

How can you trust the information you are comparing against is real and is the true net price someone else is paying? Our benchmarking activity allows us to measure your performance across a wide range of businesses.  We often 'go to market' with client specific requirements as part of our process enabling us to provide you with accurate and meaningful benchmark comparisons.

As part of our benchmarking service we can provide regular and bespoke  Market Updates which focus on category areas key to your business:

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