We provide business solutions to the Hospitality and Food Service Sectors through our four key divisions....


  • ZOOSCH Technology

  • ZOOSCH Purchasing

  • ZOOSCH Eco

  • ZOOSCH Academy

Unique by design, ZOOSCH is a business solutions group for the Hospitality and Food Service sectors.

Founder Graham Dixon created ZOOSCH in January 2010 after 17 years as Co-owner of Brammer Dixon, a leading Purchasing & Logistics organisation.

This knowledge and experience was used to form ZOOSCH and bring multiple benefits to its clients by creating solutions around four key divisions: Purchasing; Technology; Eco and Academy. 

"Bringing a fresh approach to driving revenue up and costs down for our clients requires experience and understanding of their businesses. Only then can creative solutions be developed and implemented as catalysts to improve margin" Graham Dixon, Managing Director

Our capability to provide game changing results eminates from the diversity of our offer. We can blend and integrate solutions from any of our 4 divisions or utilize a number of complementary elements from just one division.

How can we benefit your business?


  • Utilities Cost Reduction
  • Reduction in Utilities Usage
  • Pro Active Maintenance
  • Food Waste Management
  • Robust CSR Message

ZOOSCH Academy

  • Develop & Retain Talent
  • Bespoke Programmes
  • Product Innovation
  • Team Rewards & Recognition
  • Expert Trainers

ZOOSCH Technology

  • Highly Configurable ePOS
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Business Intelligence & Analysis
  • Customer Engagement
  • Drive Revenue

ZOOSCH Purchasing

  • Collaborative Purchasing
  • Compliancy Improvement
  • Project Resource
  • New Initiatives
  • Food Safety Due Diligence

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